Medical Card Anda Boleh Dibatalkan oleh Insurans atau Takaful

Majoriti dari peserta takaful atau pelanggan insurans yang menyertai plan Medical Card tidak ambil tahu tentang klaus Portfolio Withdrawal Condition. Para agen di luar sana jangan saja menjual bulan dan bintang, tidak maklumkan fakta yang syarikat insurans @ takaful berhak untuk tarik balik perlindungan Medical Card anda walaupun telah sertai beberapa ketika lamanya.


Apa sebenarnya yang ada dalam klaus ini?

What is Portfolio Withdrawal Condition?
Portfolio Withdrawal Condition is a clause that gives the right to an insurance company to stop offering the medical portfolio by giving advance written notification to policyholders, if it no longer underwrites this type of product. Any withdrawal of the medical portfolio will need to go through a due process of obtaining Bank Negara Malaysia’s (BNM) approval to ensure that the policyholders’ interest is protected. If Portfolio Withdrawal Condition is exercised, policyholders will be notified by company at least 30 days in advance as stipulated in the contract, thereafter company will not renew the medical plan. All benefits under this medical plan will cease to be payable from anniversary date immediately following the expiry of the 30 days advance notice.

What does the removal of the Portfolio Withdrawal Condition mean to policyholders?
With the removal of this clause, the medical policy shall continue to be renewable on each policy anniversary subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. Apart from that, all other existing benefits enjoyed by the policyholders remain unchanged.

Do all insurers have Portfolio Withdrawal condition?

Saya dapat sumber dari blog

“Almost all life insurers have this clause applicable for their policies unless clearly stated otherwise. Certain insurance agents have been attacking Great Eastern insurance policies for having the policy withdrawal clause clearly stated in the contractual terms preying on the fear that insurance coverage will be no longer available when needed or in your old age.Another myth circulating was that the insurer can pick & choose unhealthy policyholders with claims & withdraw the insurance policy to avoid making future payments to policyholders with poor health conditions.”

Namun ada berita baik untuk pelanggan Great Eastern Takaful Berhad. Bermula dari 1 Disember 2016, Great Eastern Takaful telah REMOVE klaus Portfolio Withdrawal Condition yang terdapat dalam sijil Takaful sediada dan yang baru.

Dengan pembuangan klaus Portfolio Withdrawal Condition ke atas semua rider Medical Card Great Eastern Takaful bermula dari dari certificate inforce sejak permulaan Great Eastern Takaful berhad, anda tidak lagi perlu risau akan pembatalan sijil takaful yang mempunyai medical card selepas inforce. Namun sekiranya didapati ada non-disclosure existing illness sebelum menyertai Medical Card, takaful operator masih berhak untuk re-underwrite perlindungan takaful peserta.

Nak tahu info lanjut tentang Medical Card oleh Great Eastern Takaful? Klik sini ==>>

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