Benarkah Harga Kereta Turun Selepas GST?

Ramai yang tunggu dan menangguhkan pembelian kereta kerana kononnya harga kereta akan turun selepas pelaksanaan GST. Tambahan lagi bila Timbalan Menteri Kewangan, Datuk Ahmad Maslan laporan akhbar Kosmo pada 12.4.14 menyatakan penurunan Cukai jualan sebanyak 10% yang digunakan sekarang akan dimansuhkan dan akan digantikan dengan GST pada kadar 6% sahaja.

Apa yang menariknya, satu pandangan berbeza diutarakan oleh M. Shanmugan dipaparkan oleh dalam The Star untuk Column The Alternative View. Berikut adalah artikel penuh yang dipetik dari The Star yang membuatkan kita akui akan kebenarannya, harga kereta turun adalah suatu mimpi yang indah yang amat sukar untuk jadi realiti di Malaysia, ada dua sebab yang dinyatakan dalam artikel ini, iaitu,

  1. Car prices will only come down when car companies enjoy economies of scale and efficiencies at every level of the production chain. Right from the vendors to the distributors, they have to gain economies of scale. The reason why the Korean marques are able to penetrate the Malaysian market as the car manufacturers there produce millions for the global market. The Hyundai-Kia group is the fifth largest car manufacturer in the world that produced 7.86 million vehicles last year.
  2. This is the key to lower car prices, unless the government is prepared to remove the excise duties for cars. But removing excise duties is something that is unfathomable considering that it is an important source of revenue for the government.

Jadi, kenapa harga kereta akan naik selepas GST? Berikut adalah pandangan M. Shanmugan:

“Coming back to the GST, irrespective of what the proponents say, car prices will generally tend to go up post GST. Which is why the GST is a form of tax that cuts across the entire production chain. In fact, one of the tenets of the GST is to widen the tax base to include companies that have been evading paying taxes by declaring lower than the actual sales. Vendors to car assemblers fall into this category, especially the smaller ones.”

“Car assemblers depend on their vendors for supplies of components. Technically, the car assemblers should be charged with a 6% GST on components supplied. There are different layers of vendors classified as Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. At the moment. not all vendors impose a sales and service tax. But under the GST, the 6% tax can go down to even the Tier 3 vendor. Only companies with turnover of less than RM500,000 are exempted from filing for a 6% GST tax to customers. But most vendors have a turnover of more than RM500,000. So on a net basis, the tendency is that the price of cars will go up post GST. If it does come down, it will only be because the distributors are prepared to reduce prices or absorb the GST effect to capture market share.”

Jadi, sekarang ni, apa pandangan anda, harga kereta akan naik, kekal atau turun selepas pelaksanaan GST pada April 2015?

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