Am I a Leader or a Manager?

People in my organizational always talk about leadership. Unlike my previous organization, they don’t really care whether you are a leader or a manager, as long as you have passion in doing your work, either be an Executive or a manager. After sometimes in my organization, I realized that the reason why they are so busy talking about leadership, and wanna us to be a leader, partly because of staff turnover and partly because of visibility in organization.

People in my organization always says high turnover due to bad leadership embraced by the leader. And if you are not visible enough to your organization, you are not a shining leader..but a ‘dark’ leader which will be buried sooner or later..hahahahah…

ok, whatever it is….some people always claim they are a good leader..and blaming other persons are not true leader…ok, let me give you some information what make you be a leader…and also a manager…

Leaders differ from managers because leaders rely mainly on personal power whereas managers rely mainly on formal power. Personal stems from expertise, personality, social skills and ethical conduct whereas formal power stems from the power inherent in a position such as the power to reward, punish and force compliance.

Leader differs from Managers

Leaders build long lasting relationship based on social exchange and relational trust whereas managers build short term relationship that are based on economic exchange and calculative trust. Examples of social exchanges are sharing and delegating authority, respecting and seeking input from followers, treating all followers fairly, and showing a genuine concern for the welfare and development of followers.

Social exchanges result in an emotional bond with the leader such that follower identify with the leader and the leader’s vision, and believe that the leader has their best interest at heart and truly appreciates their contributions.

Economic exchanges are short-term oriented and result in a conditional trust in the leader. Examples of economic exchanges are rewarding followers in accordance with any agreements made with them and providing them with the technical support needed to effectively perform their roles.

Economic exchanges yield calculative trust in the leader because the leader keeps promises and treats followers equitably.

Ok, I am not going to write in detail, as you will be bored reading my writing..hahah…ok..I wanna you ask and answer yourself (if you wanna email me also can laaa.)..whether you are relying on PERSONAL POWER or FORMAL POWER in your daily work? Now you can answer whether you are just a manager….or a true leader…

Bye..bye…see you in my next posting…

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