UUM’s Best Student Speech


Teruja betul apabila saya menerima emel daripada Prof Azizi Zakaria yang menghantar ucapan pelajar terbaik UUM Najah Abdul Gabbar Ahmad yang mendapat 4 Flat untuk degree. Bangganya kalau orang yang memberi ucapan ini adalah seorang rakyat Malaysia, namun beliau adalah daripada Yaman.

ok, Di bawah ini saya paste kan ucapan beliau;


Assalamualikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh

Tali sauh dibawa berdagang

Kotak bertatah daun mengkudu

Dari jauh hamba datang

Merafak sembah ampun Tuanku


Salutation in Malay

I deeply apologize for my pronunciation in Malay, it’s simply because I am not from Malaysia but rather from Yemen. I came all the way from the Middle East to the Far East – exactly as my ancestors did hundreds of years ago – But they came for trade, and I come for knowledge, they sailed on ship and I fly on airplane, they brought Islam to Malaysia and I’m getting its fruit.

I am a student and I have been a student my whole life so far. After high school I thought that my journey with studies would stop after getting my bachelor degree, and I got it feeling myself on top of the world. I came here to find my fellows graduating with masters and PhD just to find myself once again at the bottom of the ladder, and I find myself eager to just keep climbing like it’s an endless ladder to heights never achieved before.

Each step in this ladder was a dream and then hope until it becomes a reality. This is why I am here on stage today. 4 years ago I had a dream to get 4 flat in my CGPA and today it’s real. Because your old men shall dream dreams, but you’re young ones shall see visions. So have a young spirit no matter how old you are.

But is it really all about success and achievements? No – absolutely not, try not to be a man of success but rather a man of value, decide not to be something but someone.

Let us narrow it down a little bit and talk about UUM. I wonder how many students graduate from UUM every semester? I wonder from how many different nationalities, religions and backgrounds? I can see students from India, Indonesia, all around the Middle East, China and many more. I wonder if we even know each other? in this huge campus! We are different and it’s our differences that make us who we are, I believe each one of us is valuable and has something worthwhile to contribute with. So let’s use education as a tool for real change.

ARABIC paragraph:

Malaysia: I come from an area where people are looking up to you as a model for a developed Islamic country. I believe that as much as you have gained from us in the past we have a huge responsibility to learn from your current experience. Malaysia may Allah keep you safe.

Professors, lecturers, and teachers: Our graduation is your own success. Allow me here to specify Mr. Muhammad Shakirin and Mrs.Salina Ismail. I am sure that they are prouder than us at this moment; I can see it in their eyes, tone and smile. Thank you is not enough but may Allah reward you back.

Parents, mothers, fathers and family members: the ones who are here, the ones who couldn’t be here as my own family and the ones who passed away. Mom, dad, you never doubted in me even when I doubted in myself, you were right I’ll graduate and here is your harvest. Without you this wouldn’t have been possible.

Graduates, lets be honest. This wasn’t easy; you studied hard, prepared papers, researches, assignments, and projects. You attended classes and sat for exams, as Aristotle says that the roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet, it is sweet, and it is a glorious moment, look around you, look at your group mates, and teachers and hall and His Royal Highness and everything and carve this moment in your memory; carve this honor.

But remember that the glorious moment’s ends, like everything else does, so close your eyes and say this from the deep bottom of your heart, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah. It’s Allah whom we thank at the beginning and at the end for His countless blessings. Oh Allah keep your mercy upon us, purify our intensions, let our countries live in peace and use us to serve Islam.

Ameen Many thanks to everyone here, Terima kasih and shukran jazelan.

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  • CONGRATULATION TO NAJAH ABDUL GABBAR AHMAD…as one of UUM students,i am very proud with ur greatest achievement-4flat for the overall semesters!that’s fantastic my sis!


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